About Emiley Rose

Emiley Rose creates abstracts that are a blend of Australian landforms and aerial perspectives.
She takes her inspiration from the beauty around her. She particularly has a fondness for the beautiful beaches in the Margaret River region and the stunning colours and landforms of the Kimberley.

The observer is invited to emerge themselves in the depth and light-reflecting details that change with each movement.
Her paintings express her feelings and experiences of places she loves. The layering in her paintings are reflective of the deep connection she feels for the Earth.

"My aim is for every piece to take the viewer to a special place or moment each time they look at it".

Emiley is completely self taught. She started painting with fluid mediums when she became a new mother. She found it deeply therapeutic and awoke a passion for her to discover who she was as an artist. She started experimenting with a mixture of mediums inspecting the different chemical reactions and through this has found a unique style of art.

Her landscape pieces are a reflection of her maternal nurturing side. Motherhood has taught her to look deeper and to observe the small details that can often be missed.

"The aim of my art is to capture the beautiful rawness of our Mother Earth in hope that we can enjoy the simple beauty of her".